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We are proud to introduce our 2023 Camp staff. This is a really talented group of educators and college/high school students.

Adult Professional Staff 
each is 21+ years old with special expertise and relevant experience:

Camp Director - Lizzy Slutzky-Cahill

 Assistant Camp Director - Sara Lassiter

Business Manager & Assistant Health Director- Laura Post

Aquatics Director - Lindsey Prenderville

Tennis Director -Than Ferris

Yoga & Craft Instructor - Patricia Ferris

Activities Leader - Melanie Sussman-Myhre

Assistant Aquatic Director- Alyson Morilla

Senior Counselor / Program Leaders 
Adults or college students with 3+ years’ experience

High School students with 1-3 years’ experience

Assistant Counselors 
Camp Leadership graduates (15-16 years old)

Camp Helpers 
Age 15 and older teens that help with camp office and maintenance duties

Special Instructors 

Guest instructors for Kayaking, Nature, Art ,Cooking and more


  • Board of Directors - Sarah Post, Melina Fisher, Judith Shulevitz, Rob Meyer, Joanne Ainsworth, Lizzy Kuhlenkamp, Wade Speir, Ashley Cavanaugh, Nicole Martocci, Megan Marine, Terry Douglass, Barbara Swanson, Amanda Fletcher, Will Peters, Patricia Ferris, Catherine Manix Feintuch and Rachel Weber Nehme

  • Health Director - Dr. Allan Lans

  • Traffic Safety Coordinator - Sarah & Bob Post

  • Camp House Coordinator - Patricia Ferris

  • Twilight Park Board Liaison - Teri Barrett


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Camp Director

Lizzy Slutzky-Cahill

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Lizzy Slutzky-Cahill has been the Finch group Coordinator for the past two summers and for 2023 she will be taking on the Camp Director role. Lizzy has a master’s degree in education and extensive experience working with a variety of age groups including five years of teaching at Hunter Tannersville Elementary school. Her extensive background in managing business is very valuable to the camp. Lizzy is super organized, full of creative ideas and brings a positive calm professional presence to her role.

Flowers on Wood
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Assistant Camp Director

Sara Lassiter

This is Sara’s first summer at Twilight Park Camp and her 8th year working at summer camps in a variety of positions from Counselor to Program Director in her home state in Virginia. Sara has a BA in Earth Science, a Master’s degree in Teaching from James Madison University and has been a middle school science teacher in the Richmond Virginia area for the past 4 years. She loves everything camp and we are so lucky to have this talented individual joining our staff this summer. She and Craig (her friendly hound mix dog) will be living in the Ash Cottage at Twilight Park.

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Laura Post

Camp Business Manager

Laura Post

Laura (Mama Bear) returning for her third year, is taking on the new responsibility of Camp Business Manager. She will continue her camp administrator duties and also take on additional financial and business roles. Her three children, Emma, Sarah, and Carter have attended camp for the past 12 years.  Emma and Carter will be Counselors this summer. During the winter season Laura is a Pre-K teacher back in her home state of Ohio. She has a master’s degree in Human Resource and considerable experience in a variety of camp, school and community volunteer positions. She is organized, efficient and very customer support oriented.

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Lindsey P 2022.jpg

Aquatic Director

Lindsey Prenderville

Lindsey, is returning for her second year as our Aquatic Director and has been involved in camp activities for many years as a volunteer and the mother of three Twilight Park campers Eli, Henry and Erin. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a masters in clinical social work and currently works for Shenendehowa Central School District in their behavioral and social/ emotional program. She has lots of experience as a professional and volunteer in school, clinical and educational settings. But her passion is camp, children and the outdoors. Lindsey is a certified water safety instructor and has past experience with lifeguarding. She is looking forward to helping your children grow their aquatic skills.

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Teen Programs, a key part of our Day Camp, geared toward our teen campers who are ready for the next challenge. It is a progression from a more independent camper
to real leadership and job responsibilities.

All camp staff & volunteers are fully vaccinated for COVID 19

  • Leader in Training (LIT): 13-14 years old with demonstrated maturity as a camper. They will have more adventurous field trips, hiking and camping and more group selected optional activities. Age 12 campers with Camp Director's permission can be considered for the LIT program.

  • Counselor Assistants: 15 years old with LIT or CIT Program or comparable experiences or 16-year-olds without experience are eligible for volunteer or paid Counselor Assistant jobs.

  • Camp Helpers: 15 years old and older teens wanting a non-counselor job at camp that will assist with office duties, set up, and maintenance of facilities and equipment. Positions can be full or part time.

  • Counselors / Lifeguards / Instructors: 16 years old and older can apply for a variety of full and part time positions.

Find Summer Employment
as a Camp Counselor, Instructor, Lifeguard

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