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Controlling Contagious Disease Protocols at a Glance

Vaccinations - We follow local and NYS day camps health and safety procedures and will be communicating specific details with parents during the months prior to the start of Camp. Additionally TPDC requires that all campers and staff have age-appropriate vaccinations including COVID 19 for age 5 and older. Twilight Park Day Camp allows exceptions to required vaccinations based upon a medical condition, and does not grant non-medical exemptions. Please contact Laura Post if you need more information on the requirements of a medical exemption. Unvaccinated children exposed to COVID- 19 will have testing requirements before attending camp.

Masks Masks will not be routinely required for staff or campers. If you want your camper to wear a mask please let us know. Unvaccinated campers or ones returning from an illness may be required to wear masks indoors.


 Contagious Disease Symptoms - Any camper or staff member who exhibits COVID-19 or other contagious disease symptoms will be seen in the Health Center by the Assistant Health Director.

○ Campers testing positive for COVID or in close contact with persons having COVID can return to camp after completing current quarantine and release procedures.

○ Staff and campers will be encouraged not to attend Camp when feeling ill.

Hand hygiene - Frequent and thorough hand hygiene for staff and campers will be encouraged, and handwashing and sanitizer will be readily available throughout camp

Camper and Staff Agreements - Campers will be encouraged to follow all safety guidelines found in their Camper Agreement and staff will follow the requirements of their Staff Agreement

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