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Twilight Park Day Camp Covid Protocols at a Glance

Protocols will be updated prior to camp with current NYS camp requirements

Vaccinations - All staff and volunteers with potential contact with campers or parents will be fully vaccinated. All camper will be fully vaccinated

○ The Assistant Health Director will review all medical forms and vaccination information before the campers and staff arrive

Daily Check in Process - All Campers will have a health check before entering the Camp House or Club House lawn. Health check may include a temperature check and questions about potential exposures and symptoms. Campers not passing a health check will not be able to attend camp that day.


Cleaning and disinfecting protocols are in place and used to train staff.

○ Cleaning and disinfecting logs are posted in all indoor areas requiring cleaning and disinfecting and where sports equipment and craft supplies are used

○ Cleaning and disinfecting of an area will not be done for 24 hours, when feasible, once a camper or staff member has tested positive of COVID-19.

Masks Masks will not be required for staff or campers. If you want your camper to wear a mask please let us know.


COVID Symptoms - Any camper or staff member who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms will be seen in the Health Center by the Assistant Health Director

○ When a camper or staff tests positive for COVID the local Health Department will be notified. Contact tracing protocols will be followed and appropriate camper parents notified

○ Campers testing positive for COVID or in close contact with persons having COVID can return to camp after completing quarantine and release procedures

○ Staff and campers will be encouraged not to attend Camp when feeling ill.

Hand hygiene - Frequent and thorough hand hygiene for staff and campers will be encouraged, and handwashing and sanitizer will be readily available throughout camp

Camper and Staff Agreements - Campers will be encouraged to follow all safety guidelines found in their Camper Agreement and staff will follow the requirements of their Staff Agreement

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