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Do I need to show proof of immunization?

  • Yes. To help ensure the health of our staff and campers , TPDC campers must meet the same immunization requirements as school-aged children in the state of New York.  Immunization Requirements for School Entrance/Attendance, available at: There are no immunization exemptions. If a camper cannot receive immunizations due to medical reasons, a Medical exemption from a physician can be submitted for review by the TPDC Health Director. All campers must submit their proof of vaccination records two weeks prior to their first day at camp. Campers will not be permitted to participate if they do not have all proper paperwork submitted. 

  • For Summer of 2024, we will be following local and NYS day camps health and safety procedures and will be communicating specific details with parents during the months prior to the start of Camp. TPDC requires that all campers and staff have age-appropriate vaccinations including COVID 19 for age 5 and older campers. Unvaccinated campers that are exposed to COVID 19 will be required to test before returing to camp.


What time does camp start?

  • Drop Off is 8:50 and activities start promptly at 9 am. Please park in the parking lot next to the Tennis courts. Half day children go directly to the Camp House Play Room where they will be received and checked in by their Counselors. Full day children will be checked in on the side lawn of the Club House. 


Can I attend the Flag Ceremony?

  • Yes. Parents are welcome to attend! Everyday at 9 am and also at 2:50 pm we have a flag ceremony and general camp announcements on the side lawn of the Club House. Please enjoy from the sidelines!


What time does camp end?

  • Pick Up – Half day children will be picked up at the Playground (or pool house if raining) at 1 pm. The Older Children will normally finish their day after the Flag ceremony at 3pm. Please park in the parking lot or the right side of the road in front of the camp house. You must check your child out with their counselor before they can be released.

Which Bird Group will my child be in?

  • Your child has been assigned to a specific Bird group based on their age and prior experiences. This will be your child's group for the week. Signs will be posted at check-in so your camper can find their bird group.

What should my child bring to camp?

  • Backpack- campers will be responsible for carrying their personal items around campus

  • Non-perishable snack 

  • Lunch including drink (no refrigeration available)

  • Tennis racket with child’s name (we do have plenty of extras)

  • Athletic sneakers - no sandals or flip flops at camp

  • Sunscreen and bug spray (We will only assist with application of spray. Lotions will need to be applied by the camper)

  • Towel and bathing suit (water goggles and water shoes -if desired)

  • Water bottle with child’s name

  • Rain jacket: check the weather! Campers will walk around campus if it is raining and no lightning is detected

  • Water shoes: needed only if your child will kayak that day (we will always let you know the night before)

  • Camping Gear if attending a camp out-(sleeping bag, flash light) campers over age 7 may have overnights during the summer.


Items not allowed to be brought to camp?

  • Valuables i.e. jewelry, money

  • Weapons or anything considered dangerous

  • Cell phones or any other wi-fi enabled device including apple watches

  • Cameras or any electronic device that captures photos or videos

  • Toys or games from home

  • Electronic games, iPods, etc.


Will sunscreen be applied to my child?

  • We will not supply sunscreen for campers. Please apply sunscreen to your child each day before camp and send some in their backpack for re-application during the day. We will assist 3-5 year olds with sunscreen re-application.


Will a tick be removed from my child? 

  • Ticks are a big problem on the mountaintop each year and the campers will be reminded periodically during the day to check for ticks. We also ask that parents please check for ticks immediately after camp. Please apply bug spray to your child each day before camp. With parents approval ticks found on campers during camp will be removed.


If I have an emergency and need to contact the camp? 

  • If you need to contact us during camp please call Laura Post or Lizzy Slutzky-Cahill the camp office (838)202-4141. 


When should I keep my child home?

  • If your child has had a fever within the last 24 hours or has a potentially contagious illness. Do please always let us know when you are not coming to camp. Please call Laura Post at the camp office (838)202-4141. 


If you are delayed in arriving 

  • Give us a call at the camp office (838)202-4141 and when you arrive go to the Camp Office to check in.


If you are late for pickup  

  • Give us a call at the camp office (838)202-4141 and if needed leave a message. Your child will be kept at the Camp Office until you arrive and a fee will be charged to your account if you are greater than 15 minutes.


Can my child walk home from Camp?

  •  Older campers living near camp may walk home with prior written authorization. Ask at the office for the correct form.


Can I take a tour of camp? 

  • Yes, we welcome the opportunity to show you our facilities. Please contact Lizzy Slutzky-Cahill, our Camp Director at to set up an appointment.

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