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starting Jan 1, 2024 for Twilight Park families and returning campers.

New families can register starting March 1 2024.

Sign up right away!

Many weeks get full quickly

As always, there are spots saved for Twilight Park residents and renters. 

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First Day of Camp Letter

Welcome to Twilight Park Day Camp - 2024

Here are some important details to make TPDC a wonderful and safe experience for all

Drop Off is 8:50 a.m. and activities start promptly at 9:05 a.m. Please park in the parking lot next to the tennis courts. Half day children (Finches) go directly to the Camp House Play Room where they will be received and checked in by their Counselors. Full day children will be checked in near the side lawn of the Club House.


Health Check - Please do not bring your camper to Camp if they have a fever or are not feeling well. Please let a Camp Director know if your camper has been exposed to any communicable disease including COVID -19. Unvaccinated campers exposed to COVID-19 may be required to test before camp or wear a mask at camp. If the Counselor observes any sign of illness they will bring your child to the office for observation. 


Bird Groups - Your child has been assigned to a specific Bird group based on their age and prior experiences. This will be your child's group for the week. A sign will be located at each drop off area where you can find your campers name.


Masks - Masks will not be required for staff or campers. If you want your camper to wear a mask please let us know.


Flag Ceremony - Everyday at 9:00 am and 2:50 pm we have a flag ceremony and general camp announcements on the side lawn of the Club House. Parents may stay to observe the Flag ceremony from the road/parking lot, but note that parking is limited.


Pick Up - Half day children (Finches) will be picked up at Wingate Field (or Pool House if raining) at 1:00 pm. The Older Campers will normally finish their day after Flag at 3:00pm. Please park in the parking lot or the right side of the road in front of the club house. Full day children need to return their name tag, be checked out by their counselor and then may be released to parent or guardian.

What to Bring to Camp

● Backpack- Campers will carry their personal items around campus.

● Non-perishable snack

● Lunch including drink (no refrigeration available)

● Tennis racket with child’s name (we do have plenty of extras)

● Athletic sneakers - no sandals or flip flops at camp

● Sunscreen and bug spray ( Counselors will only assist with application of spray. Lotions will need to be applied by the camper)

● Towel and bathing suit (water goggles and water shoes -if desired)

● Water bottle with child’s name- if your camper does not arrive to camp with a water bottle camp will provide one for $6

● Rain jacket- check the weather! Campers may be outside in the rain

Additional Items

● Water shoes: only if your child will kayak that day (we will let you know)

● Camping Gear if your child is camping out-(sleeping bag, flash light) campers age 7 and older will have camp outs during the summer

What Not to bring to Camp

● Valuables i.e. jewelry, money

● Weapons or anything considered dangerous

● Cell phones or any other wi-fi enabled device including apple watches

● Cameras or any electronic device that captures photos or videos

● Toys or games from home

● Electronic games, Ipods, etc.

Sunscreen - We will not supply sunscreen for campers. Please apply sunscreen to your child each day before camp and send some in their backpack for re-application during the day. We will assist 3-5 year olds with sunscreen re-application.

Ticks - Ticks are a big problem on the mountaintop each year and the campers will be reminded periodically during the day to check for ticks. We also ask that parents please check for ticks immediately after camp. Please apply bug spray to your child each day before camp.


Emergency Contact - If you need to contact us during camp please call the Camp Office at 838-202-4141.


When Not to Come to Camp - If your child has had a fever within the last 24 hours or has a potentially contagious illness. Please let us know when you are not coming to camp.


If you are delayed in arriving - Give us a call at the Camp Office 838-202-4141 and when you arrive go to the Camp Office to check in.


If you are late for pickup - Give us a call at the Camp Office 838-202-4141 and if needed leave a message. Your child will be kept at the Camp Office until you arrive.


Walking home from Camp - Please ask about release forms if you live nearby and want your older child to walk home from camp.


If you would like a Tour or a Meeting with Lizzy Slutzky-Cahill, our Camp Director, please call her at

838-202-4141 or send an e-mail to to set up an appointment.


Please review our 2024 Camper Agreement attached here (for age 5 and older) (age 3-5) with your child prior to the start of camp. 

Every Monday, our counselors will review the Camper Agreement with our campers.

Be Prepared for the BEST SUMMER EVER!!!!

Twilight Park Day Camp


Twilight Park Day Camp wants to make going to camp as financially accessible as possible for our camper families. To help we offer several ways to help with the cost of camp fees including:

• Sibling Discounts- for your 2nd, 3rd, etc camper from the same household. 

• Installment Plans that distribute payments over the months between registration and the start of camp. Other payment plans can be arranged for families with different payment needs.

• Special Discounts - Twilight Park Day Camp is offering special discounts to families with less than $125,000 gross income or other special needs / expenses. The aid is normally $50 to $300 per camper per week up to four weeks of camp. There is a fixed amount of money allocated for this year and when it is gone the discount will be discontinued for this year. Early application is strongly recommended.

Financial Aid


We follow local and NYS day camps health and safety procedures and will be communicating specific details with parents during the months prior to the start of Camp. Additionally the Camp requires that all campers and staff have age-appropriate vaccinations including COVID 19 for age 5 and older. Twilight Park Day Camp allows exceptions to required vaccinations based upon a medical condition, and does not grant non-medical exemptions. Please contact the Laura Post if you need more information on the requirements of a medical exemption.

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