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January Newsletter 1/27/2023

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Dear Friends of Twilight Park Camp,

Twilight Park Camp's other mission is to provide our team and young adult staff with life experiences and employment to enrich their lives and increase their appreciation of our beautiful mountaintop.

An 18 year old camp counselor at TPDC can earn $5000 in 8 weeks with a great weekly wage, tips, bonuses, overnight pay and extra pay for certifications. But camp is so much more than just earning money its about learning skills, feeling appreciated, having outdoor fun and making friends. Do you know someone that would gain from the experience... forward them this article about why be a Twilight Park Camp counselor Best. Summer. Ever.

and note $100 bonus for early staff application ends Feb 15

Camp Registration is now open and we already have over 30 campers registered for some weeks and expect a full camp. Early bird discount ends February 28 and is available for Twilight Park and returning campers

Due to our capacity issues last year we will not be accepting new camper families (except Twilight Park families) until March 1, 2023.

Playground Update- More than 60 camp friends and Twilight cottagers donated to the cause and we did meet our dollar goal. Thank you Thank you!!!!

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